Asia-Pacific Markets for Spinal Implants and VCF 2014 (3 Countries – Forecasted to 2020) – MedSuite


Asia-Pacific Markets for Spinal Implants and VCF 2014 (3 Countries – Forecasted to 2020) – MedSuite

  • Year: 2014
  • Scope: 2010-2020
  • Region: Asia-Pacific
  • Published Date: 09/01/2014
  • Pages: 236
  • Type: MedSuite


The Asia-Pacific markets for spinal implants are a major component of the global spinal implant market. This report covers the major spinal implant markets (excluding MIS) within the Asia-Pacific region, and includes Australia, Japan and South Korea. All major market segments are detailed, including spinal fusion implants, non-fusion implants and vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatments.
Major changes and developments are expected to occur within this industry over the forecast period, particularly in the field of non-fusion implants. Across the Asia-Pacific region, the VCF and non-fusion segments will experience high growth compared to the slower growing, but larger and more established fusion market.
The spinal implant market is considered by many to be the most exciting and controversial segment of the orthopedics market. Though the spinal implant market has traditionally been viewed as a segment within the orthopedics market, many manufacturers view spine as a key business division separate from traditional orthopedics.
For the purposes of this report, the Asia-Pacific spinal fusion market is segmented into cervical fixation, thoracolumbar fixation and interbody devices.
In addition to the spinal fusion market, this report includes dynamic stabilization, artificial discs and VCF, as segments of the total spinal implant market. The most major change in this market is expected to be the emergence and increasing prevalence of motion preservation technology.


The Asia-Pacific and Emerging spinal implant and VCF market is published in two separate reports. The Asia-Pacific report includes Australia, Japan and South Korea. The Emerging report includes China and Taiwan. Each report comprises three main segments: spinal fusion implants (excluding MIS), non-fusion implants and vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatments. The fusion market represents over 90% of the total market and is expected to grow rapidly through the forecast period due to China’s explosive growth.

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DePuy Synthes
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