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Search our report database for the most comprehensive and industry trusted healthcare market research available today.


For more than a decade, iData has been one of the most respected healthcare research companies in existence. When it comes to market research, healthcare companies know that we delve deep into segments and sub-segments, identifying the trends and other forces that will shape the industry.

Whether you’re looking for premade research relevant to a particular interest, or you want us to develop custom health market research you can use as a basis for your strategic decisions, we can tailor content to your specific needs. These are just a few of the solutions that we offer:

Custom Consulting

Your business is unique and information about your market isn’t always readily available. We stand apart from other healthcare market research companies in that we will work with you to get answers to your questions through our specialized consulting services.
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Market Reports

Our health market research reports provide our clients with the most valuable and up-to-date decision making information using our comprehensive research methods.
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Procedure Tracker

We design custom databases that quantify procedure volumes, allow health resource companies to discover potential market opportunities and outline exactly who to target.
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Reimbursement Tracker

Our healthcare market research agency solutions enable clients to receive real-time change notifications and analyze reimbursement policies from hundreds of insurance companies across the United States.
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iPolicy Search

This policy search engine powered by Reimbursement Tracker allows you to search over 60,000 insurance policies and view historical changes that affect your products.
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Medical Market Surveys

Our healthcare research associates compile medical market surveys use quantitative and qualitative elements to produce in-depth and beneficial survey results tailored to your market, products, competitors and more.
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Conjoint Analysis

Our Conjoint Analysis service allows you to measure product success rates based on different features and variables in order to estimate market potential.
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iData Online

Our subscription-based report database allows for easy, company-wide access to all of our most current research covering thousands of markets.
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Total Sales Solution

We offer a  multi-angle approach to data intelligence that allows you to see indepth analyses for medical device markets in the United States. There are many health industries research companies, but our ability to dig deep for the vital information you need is unsurpassed in the industry.
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We gather information through the use of primary research with the help of our extensive list of medical device, pharmaceutical and dental partners. The experience and data from product managers, marketing executives, analysts, doctors and researchers is combined with large databases of hospital procedure numbers, product units sold, average selling prices, internal medical libraries and SEC / FDA filings. This allows us to produce the most comprehensive market research in the industry to ensure that our clients can do it right when it comes to creating strategies based on trusted intelligence.

For each market research healthcare report we produce, we devote hours of rigorous work with the intention of exceeding the highest standards of quality in the health market research industry. All of our healthcare research associates are committed to delivering the most reliable and accurate assessments available, based on a strong foundation of both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


“We commissioned iData to conduct custom research on an emerging category where virtually no data existed. Through their innovative research design and approach, they provide value-added insights that were used as inputs into our business model.” - Director of Insights and Innovation
“Received the report; it looks good. Your numbers are almost identical to my own calculations. Now I have another proof source for reference.” - President & CEO
Greg Papaz
Paion AG
“iData has the most comprehensive database with the most research put behind it. The communication we received during the entire process was fantastic from end to end. The sales process was easy and we found the product that was right for us. iData was very responsive after the delivery of the report and answered all of our questions promptly. I would recommend iData Research as they were so easy to work with and attentive to our needs even after the sale went through.” - Senior Associate
Emily Niehaus
The Parthenon Group
“iData Research provided me an objective/realistic snapshot of the market, and also gave me the level of detail that I needed. The layout and detail of information was as advertised. We use the report as a reference in various reports, presentations, market plans that required market size and market share information by product area.” - VP Marketing

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We’ll be happy to discuss your market information needs and suggest the right solution that will help you succeed.

Our commitment to delivering the utmost in quality is something that no other health resource companies can surpass, and we’re ready to provide you with the industry intelligence you need, regardless of category or sub-category.


iData empowers its clients to achieve success through making intelligent data-driven decisions.

Our global medical research solutions reflect the needs and strategic challenges of the industries involved. Therefore, we specifically design all of our market reports and consulting services to accommodate a wide range of medical, biotechnology, life science, dental, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and industry stakeholders.

iData is a healthcare market research agency that is devoted to making sure our clients receive reliable, accurate information they can trust. Every member of our research team devotes hours of deep research into market analysis, not only identifying the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, but to anticipate them as well. All of our quantitative estimates of growth are based on unassailable facts, using a proprietary method to forecast future values.

We provide actionable market intelligence allowing medical device product managers, marketers, CEOs and consultants to better navigate this fast paced industry. We’re proud to be one of the best healthcare market research companies in the world for over a decade.


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