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Tryton Medical Receives FDA Approval for Tryton Side Branch Stent to Treat Significant Coronary Bifurcation Lesions

Tryton stent is the first dedicated bifurcation device to receive regulatory approval in the US. Cordis to be exclusive U.S. distributor of the Tryton stent....
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BIOTRONIK Launches its Smallest and Lightest MR-Conditional Pacemakers and a New Range of Quadripolar CRT-Ps in Europe

Edora Devices Feature MRI AutoDetect, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and Unique Physiological Rate Adaptation for Enhanced Patient Care...
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BioVentrix Announces the 1st Revivent TC TransCatheter Ventricular Enhancement procedure in Germany After Receiving CE-Mark Certification

The physicians implanted 2 anchor pairs and achieved a left ventricular volume reduction of 24%, which is a significant improvement for a patient suffering from ischemic heart failure....
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BIOTRONIK Launches Ultra-High Energy Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator in the US for Heart Failure Patients

Inventra ICD System Designed and Developed for Patients with Higher Defibrillation Thresholds. The first and only implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) available in the United States that delivers an "ultra-high" energy with 42 joules (J) on the first shock....
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Medtronic Cardiac Devices Gain FDA Approval for Use with MRI Machines

Medtronic has receive FDA approval for its suite of cardiac rhythm and heart failure devices and leads to be scanned in both 3 and 1.5 Tesla (T) MRI machines. This advancement gives patients with Medtronic pacemakers, ICDs, CRT-Ds and leads...
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St. Jude Medical Orders Recall of Defective Pacemakers Over Faulty Battery

Medical device maker St. Jude Medical is warning doctors and patients about a rare battery defect in some of its implantable heart devices that can cause them to fail much earlier than expected....
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Xeltis Bioabsorbable Pulmonary Valve for Cardiovascular Restoration Successfully Implanted in Xplore-I Trial

The company’s pulmonary valve works like commonly available prosthetic heart valves, but thanks to the firm’s Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR) technology, the device allows patients’ own cells to penetrate it and make home there....
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New Study Shows Similar Efficacy Rates for Drug-Eluting and Bare-Metal Stents

The team looked at results in 9,013 patients who were randomized to receive either the newer drug-eluting devices or bare metal stents. It included patients with stable angina (2, 636) and patients with acute coronary syndromes (6,377) all of whom...
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Studies Find Weekly Remote Patient Monitoring with Implantable Cardiac Devices Doesn’t Lead to Better Health Outcomes

In two studies by researchers at the Royal Brompton Hospital/Imperial College London, there wasn’t an improvement in all-cause mortality rates nor did cardiovascular hospitalization rates improve....
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iData Cardiology News Roundup: New Pacemakers by BIOTRONIK and Boston Scientific

iData Cardiology News Roundup - BIOTRONIK’s New E-Series Pacemakers Rolling Out in Europe and Boston Scientifics’ EMBLEM MRI Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator FDA Approved...
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