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Topcon, Carl Zeiss Meditec Lead U.S. Fundus Camera Market Fueled by Demand for New Diagnostic Technology to Detect Degenerative Diseases

The U.S. fundus camera market is growing due to the increased demand for diagnostic tools for age-related diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration....
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Carl Zeiss Meditec, Topcon Medical Systems Lead Competitive US Market for Diagnostic Ophthalmic Devices

The total U.S. market value for diagnostic ophthalmic devices is expected to reach over $860 million by 2023. The overall U.S. diagnostic ophthalmic device market will be driven by sales of hybrid optical coherence tomographers (OCTs) and new innovations in...
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OcuMet Beacon by OcuSciences Leads to Earlier Detection of Retinal Disorders

OcuSciences’ device, the OcuMet Beacon, produces a rapid, quantitative, and non-invasive measure that will give a snapshot of a patient’s retinal health to clinicians. It can suggest the presence of disease 5-10 years earlier using a technology called Retinal Metabolic...
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Combining OCT Parameters Improves Glaucoma Detection

Researchers have found that the retinal ganglion cell-inner plexiform and retinal nerve fiber layer parameters of optical coherence tomography had similar diagnostic value, while combining the two increased that value....
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New HD Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope by Canon to Better Detect Retinal Disease

Researchers at the University of Rochester New York and Canon Inc. have developed a new adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope (AO-SLO) to better detect retinal disease....
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FDA Approves AcuFocus Corneal Implant to Improve Nearsighted Presbyopia Patients

The FDA recently approved the KAMRA inlay corneal implant by AcuFocus Inc. The device is designed to improve near vision by extending the depth of focus in older patients with presbyopia who have emmetropic refractions....
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Innovations in Cataract and Refractive Surgery – Optometry Times

The Optometry Times recently posted an in-depth article on the latest operating room technology for cataract ophthalmic patients, written by Tracy Schroeder Swartz, OD, MS....
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Retinal Imaging Technology Markets Shifting to Non-Invasive Equipment

While fundus cameras, or retinal cameras, will maintain a niche market in the years to come, optical coherence tomographers will see more growth and a higher market value overall...
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3D Guidance System Improves Cataract Surgery Outcomes

Using optical and digital technology, the system integrates preoperative data and images to provide intraoperative three-dimensional (3-D) image guidance through the oculars of the surgical microscope that enhances the accurate execution of critical surgical steps....
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U.S. Cataract Surgeons Anticipate New Premium IOLs

In an effort to give surgeons as many options for their patients as possible, lens companies are working on IOLs that incorporate multifocality and toric correction, lenses that provide pseudo-accommodation. Here are a few that generated buzz at the 2014...
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